Pastor Dennie Watson grew up on the East Side of Bakersfield.  He knows the struggles and successes that exist in our community.


Upon founding Vanguard Christian Center, on the legacy of churches before, he immediately began reaching out to provide vital programs and assistance to those in spiritual need.


Pastor Watson is committed to the core belief that Vanguard Christian Center should be a place known for:


"Modeling Christ, Mentoring Children and Mending the Community".  


Join Pastor Watson and the entire Vanguard family for Sunday Service, or one of our many events or classes, and see for yourself what Vanguard Christian Center is all about. 



Vanguard Christian Center has a rich history - dating back to it's founding as Gleaners Fellowship in 1938.  The Church was built, and grew, and the name was changed to Niles Assembly of God Church in 1950.  


Over the next 60 years this church became a beacon on the East Side of Bakersfield, raising missionaries who traveled the world - yet always maintaining the outreach and positive influence that help shape and change a diverse community.  


In 2010, under the pastorship of Dennis Watson, the name was changed to reflect being on the forefront of spreading God's Word - and being a warrior for Christ...thus, Vanguard Christian Center was born.  


Continuing in the efforts of those before us, and furthering the guardianship of churches past, present and future - Vanguard Christian Center is here to help you find and further your call and gifting in Christ.